Fast ForWord for struggling readers

Is your child struggling at school or finding reading and learning difficult?

Are you concerned that your child is not meeting his/her potential?

Do you feel that there is something holding him/her back?

Does your child have?

Language Difficulties

Is your child?

On The Autistic Spectrum
An English Language Learner

Fast Forword® is different from other interventions.

It strengthens the key pathways in the brain that help children learn.

They can pay closer attention to their teachers, absorb information faster, and remember what they are taught.

Smart Processing is here to help.

I am committed to helping your child using proven software and therapies that can provide positive life changing effects.

To find out if Fast ForWord® is suitable for your child contact Mary today

Potential benefits of training on Fast ForWord®:

Why choose Smart Processing?

  • Language and/or reading skill level raised by up to 2 years in as little as 3 months training
  • Able to answer questions quicker in class
  • Removal from the SEN register, no longer requiring any extra support in class
  • No longer needing Speech Therapy
  • Vastly improved social communication with peers
  • Grades improved across all subjects
  • I’m a Professional, personal on-line tutor that ensures your child is assigned to the correct product and advanced when ready.
  • I regularly monitor progress remotely
  • You get Weekly progress reports
  • Full e-mail and telephone support one-one with the same tutor at all times
  • I specialise in remote tutoring helping clients throughout the UK and Europe
  • I can carry out an assessment of your child’s auditory processing abilities
  • Try before you buy – demo exercises available so that you can see if the programme will be suitable before you purchase.