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Speech Therapist supporting a six year old boy with semantic/ pragmatic language disorder and autism benefitting from Fast ForWord.

“He is now recognising simple facial expressions such as happy and sad, and using more appropriate conversation. In addition, he is much better at describing feelings or saying what would happen in a certain situation.”
Mum of a 15 year old boy with severe verbal dyspraxia
and autism benefitting from Fast ForWord.

“We have seen a noticeable improvement in my son’s short term memory. Although he has played it on and off for several years, he was still struggling with a simple ‘Simon Says’ learning game. After just five months using Fast ForWord he played the same game twice, winning high scores on both occasions”.

Mum of an 11 year old boy with learning difficulties
benefitting from Fast ForWord.

“My son is due to start secondary school and although his writing and reading are still limited I have been amazed by how quickly we have seen an improvement. He can now write simple phrases and although he still makes mistakes they are often minimal. It is so lovely that he will be starting secondary school with the foundations for reading, writing and spelling success!”

Mum of a 12 year old boy benefiting from The Listening
Program and Fast ForWord.

“Here is an example of the remarkable social progress that my son is making. He was recently voted school hockey captain by his peers! This is a million miles from his brooding isolation on the sports field at the end of the summer term and a massive turnaround for him.”

Parents of a 12 year old boy benefiting from Fast ForWord.

“Our son can now answer questions quicker in class and can take things in quicker. He is so much happier at school and he has now been taken off the Special Education Needs (SEN) register.”

58 year old lady with dyspraxia, auditory processing difficulties and severe visual processing difficulties benefiting from Fast ForWord.

“I have problems with coordination, timing and positioning but I am very pleased with my progress. I am reading at a far greater speed than usual and I am also able to take notes over the ‘phone whereas previously, I would get confused. My confidence has also really grown. For example, I recently had an eye test and not only did I sail through it, I also drove home; something that previously I would not have been able to do. Fast ForWord is certainly working!”

Parents of a 9 year old boy with semantic/ pragmatic language difficulties benefiting from Fast ForWord.

“His teachers at school say that our son is listening better and his speech therapist recognises a huge amount of progress. We noticed lots of improvement in his reading, writing, spelling and maths and also in other areas. For example, he has extended his circle of friends and become chattier with adults. Even on the sports field he is more confident and able. I would thoroughly recommend Smart Processing. Mary is so dedicated and she is always available to discuss any problem.”