Su Ling Emin

After lots of research into how we could help our DLD 8 yr old girl, we found Mary and her suite of online based learning. Years of S&LT and even 2 years in a special language unit have had a negligible impact, but the Fast ForWord program with its rapid repetitions and gaming format have been fun, encouraging and have demonstrated measurable progress. Initially she struggled with Fast-ForWord so Mary suggested The Listening Program to prepare her ears and brain. We took a leap of faith, and it was the biggest improvement we’ve seen in the shortest time… she immediately stopped bed wetting, a nightly occurrence before. Her general energy levels improved and her ability to concentrate for longer periods started to develop. Her fear of loud noises like hand dryers and sirens disappeared. She seemed more present. She was then able to take on FFW. This has been the foundation for so many improvements… e.g. She’s doubled the length of her sentences, can recognise speech sounds and position of sounds -enabling her to spell and sound out words for reading and so on.
As well as the suite of programmes Mary offers, she’s been a fantastic sounding board for other areas of concern we’ve had, and her wealth of knowledge and experience has been priceless. ‘
This student is currently working on Reading Assistant Plus. This programme has improved her reading speed from about 40wpm to 55 wpm in two weeks.