World Book Day. How Can You Help Struggling Readers?

World Book Day 2021

Today is World Book Day! 

This is all very well, but to some children, a day like today can emphasize their difficulties in reading.

How can we help them, and how can we make sure that their confidence and self-esteem don’t suffer?

Let’s first take the pressure off. Children are under immense pressure to be reading at a certain level by a certain age. Often, this can lead to feelings of failure and inadequacy, and is not necessarily indicative of the way in which children develop at different rates.

Try and help a child develop a love of books by giving them ones with nice pictures in or ones with pictures of their favourite things. Go through the book with them and talk about what is in the pictures. If there are words in the book, read them to them. This helps to develop good listening skills and develops good auditory processing skills, which are essential for learning to read. In fact, reading books to your child has been shown in research to be one of the most valuable things you can do to help their reading.

Encourage your child to read aloud as his or her reading skills develop so it becomes easier to remember the words. Research suggests that the auditory feedback from reading a word out loud makes it easier to remember that word. The conversion of written into spoken words seems to be critical, hearing their own voice helps a child to remember the word they are learning. Fluency in reading is improved through reading aloud.

When children are clearly struggling with their reading or if they have a diagnosis e.g. autism, dyslexia, etc., there are lots of interventions that are available. Parents faced with the prospect of helping their children may feel overwhelmed. The best way to work out which intervention is going to be the most beneficial to your child is to have a discussion with the service providers.

Here at Smart Processing, I work on auditory processing skills as these are fundamental skills for reading, learning and language development. Contact me today to find out if I can be of help to your child.