Research Shows The Listening Program® Beneficial for Rett Syndrome

April 29, 2010
British Study Reveals Positive Effects of The Listening Program® from Advanced Brain Technologies on Girls with Rett Syndrome
We are pleased to share the results of this research trial, albeit 18 months after the poster was presented in Paris by the investigator Helen Francis.   
Study: Examining the effects of ‘The Listening Programme’ on girls with
Rett syndrome
Investigator: Helen Francis
Institution: St. Margaret’s School, The Children’s Trust, Surrey, United Kingdom
Abstract: Twelve children with profound and multiple learning difficulties participated in the single case study, cross-over design trial. Ten of twelve students showed improvement with the five girls with Rett syndrome showing the strongest trend toward increased engagement and decreased anxiety. There are also indications that participants with underlying sensory processing difficulties may benefit most from The Listening Programme.   
Presented at: International Rett Syndrome Congress in Paris, France, October 2008
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