New Programme – Zorbits Maths

Math can be a difficult subject for some students, but a new program by Zorbits is designed to make it more fun and engaging. With its focus on combining play with learning, Zorbits Math may be the help your child needs to improve their math skills. Keep reading about the programme to see if it would be a good fit for your family.

Over the years that I have been providing Fast ForWord, many parents have asked me if I provide a maths programme. My answer has always been no, but, now at last I can offer a maths programme. Currently Zorbits Maths includes exercises for Primary School aged children. Secondary School based exercises will be released soon.

Zorbits Maths includes research based games that mean that students can explore maths in surprising and engaging ways. Students access the programme via an internet connected device using log-in details provided. There is a short form to fill in together with a monthly fee of £60. The form can be accessed here. Watch the video below to find out more:

As usual, parents can expect feedback from me whilst their child/children are working on Zorbits Maths. Weekly reports are provided and assignments providing extra tuition in areas needing extra work are sent out. If you know that your child finds a certain area of maths difficult, just let me know and I can customise the content of exercises to match these needs.

I am so excited to be able to provide the Zorbits Maths programme that can be customised to your child’s needs. An independent research study showed that over the course of eight weeks, students using Zorbit Mathematics saw numeracy development equal to that of one full year of natural development. If you are interested in this fantastic resource for raising a successful mathematician, please don’t hesitate to sign up today!