Corvid-19 update for Smart Processing

It is business as usual here at Smart Processing. If you and/or your child/children are working from home, now is an ideal time to spend on improving your processing speed, auditory processing skills, reading and literary skills and English Language skills. Fast ForWord is cloud based and not affected by the current restrictions. The Movement Program is an on-line programme and The Listening Program is available as TLP On-Line streamed to your device daily. I am seeing in increase in enquiries from families now at home across the UK and Europe who see this as an ideal time to improve their skills. Contact me for further information.

As all the support that I offer is on-line and remote anyway, there is little extra I can to do to ensure that I am looking after you and your children’s health. I will however, be sending out Certificates of Completion via e-mail rather than sending one in the post with the associated risks.

As always I am at the other end of the ‘phone, on messenger or via e-mail to answer your questions.

Take care everyone and hope that you all keep safe and well.

Mary x