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The Fast ForWord® home and school training software is the result of over 30 years of research into cognitive learning.

Worldwide study of neuroscience has shown that successful learning and the retention of knowledge (often called Brain Plasticity) requires a number of prerequisites.

These include familiarisation, repetition, recognition, motivation and the ability to gain feedback.

Daily application of these key skills strengthens the brain’s learning capacity. Indeed, Fast ForWord® is sometimes called a ‘brain fitness programme’ because the way it works is similar to the way in which an athlete builds muscle memory.

Fast ForWord® software products were launched in 1997 by a team at Scientific Learning.

As a world leader in neuroscience, Scientific Learning combines the latest advances in brain research and technology to create products and services to improve communication.

Scientific Learning supports the delivery of Fast ForWord® in the UK (and in over 45 other countries worldwide) and continues to develop cutting edge tools that enhance brain performance.

This work is supported by accredited independent studies and research which confirm the merits of Scientific Learning’s portfolio of products.

The impressive results in areas such as academic achievement, reading skills, phonetic awareness, language skills, speech difficulties and auditory processing are recognised by the international scientific community.

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