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Meet Mary

Mary Kidson Profile

Mary Kidson BSc (Hons) is the owner of Smart Processing and the parent of a child with verbal dyspraxia and autism.

Mary first began to understand the benefits of cognitive learning and e-learning when it was recommended that her daughter should undertake a Fast ForWord® course by Great Ormond Street Hospital.

After only a few weeks of home study, Mary witnessed a significant and life changing improvement in her daughter’s language and auditory processing skills.

Mary, already a graduate in environmental science, became increasingly fascinated by the potential these therapies offered and she then began to her build her own expertise as a coach and training provider. This included studying with a London-based independent speech and language therapist who was already a registered provider of Fast ForWord®.

In 2008 Mary gained full certification to deliver these therapies and established Smart Processing.

Smart Processing provides Fast ForWord®, The Listening Program® and The Movement Program e-learning to schools and to children and adults across the UK. A professional, supportive and individual service is guaranteed at all times.

Mary Kidson is fully CRB checked (enhanced); is registered with the Data Protection Act (2018) as a Data Controller and is a member of The Federation of Small Businesses.

Having supported and coached my own daughter and seen the significant difference the The Listening Program and Fast ForWord® software can make, I knew that I wanted to share this knowledge with other people and help them make a difference. Now established as a key UK training provider, Smart Processing where ‘Fit Brains Learn Better’ is the result.’ – Mary Kidson.

See feature on Fast ForWord in the Autism Eye magazine, spring 2011 issue.


Smart Processing is listed in the Autism Eye Directory

Smart Processing is listed on Autism Links 

Many of you reading this will be aware that in 2013 my daughter was suddenly without warning removed from my care. We had no involvement with Social Services, so it was a huge shock when Social Services just turned up and removed my daughter and arrested me. Some light was shed on the situation when in the court papers there were around 12 letters from my ex-husband (that we knew nothing of) writing to various professionals – not once did he say how well our daughter was, how well she was doing and how the treatment that she had received had transformed her life for the better. My daughter saw her father every week and he appeared to be supportive and was continually saying how well she was doing – very different to the letters he wrote.

It is only now nearly 6 years later that I feel that I can write about this hugely traumatic event. 

There is too much to go into detail here and there will be a book giving more details. However, as a potential customer you need to know that not only was I fully acquitted from all charges levelled at me (the judge ruled that there was no case to answer), but, that also in the Family Court I was fully acquitted of the allegation that I had Fabricated and Induced Illness (FII) – I had a full psychological assessment (ordered by the court), and this very clearly stated that I did not have FII, any mental illness nor any personality disorder. 

You may wonder why the authorities continued with their false allegations. If only we knew, but, we do know that they said that they didn’t agree with the court’s findings! How ridiculous.

I am fully free to carry on with my business and to work with children – if there were any concerns I would not be able to carry on.

Please do contact me if you have any further questions.

I have now completed my book. The title is: Legally Abducted, The Shocking True Story Of A Mother’s Fight For Justice. It is available on Amazon here