How does Fast ForWord improve hearing speech in noise

One of the most consistent research outcomes following use of Fast ForWord has been improvements in the ability to discriminate speech in noise. Some people are surprised about this since there are no specific exercises that provide training with a noise background. So, why the significant improvements? Because Fast ForWord training is improving the underlying skills needed to process speech in noise.

Some examples–
-the brain has been trained to hear each of the phonemes more clearly—for some kids there have been “fuzzy” representations of similar sounding phonemes which are now more clear—so it is easier for the brain to recognize it.
-the brain has been trained to process the phonemes more rapidly–it doesn’t have to spend as much time trying to determine what each phoneme is
-the brain can remember more sounds/words in a row because it is processing more rapidly
-it is now easier for the brain to attend–and thus pick up the important message and filter out what is/isn’t important.
-there is improved ability to sustain attention for listening
-overall, the brain is more efficient at listening and understanding

Ann Osterling, MA, CCC-SLP/L
Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist