Finance training for children and teens
Finance training for children and teens

I have recently come across an amazing programme that provides children and teens with an education in money and finance. This is a subject that is not taught in schools and for many children with various difficulties, gaining qualifications may not be something that is possible. As parents/grandparents/guardians of our children one of our biggest fears is how are they going to be able to support themselves as adults?

Financial success is not measured by how many letters you have after your name, but, how much money you actually have in the bank! There are a host of examples of people who have not gained any qualifications/have various difficulties e.g. dyslexia/ADHD etc. that have gone on in life to be extremely successful.

This education is just as valuable to those who go on to gain useful qualifications and have a successful career.

The programme is called FUNancial Freedom. There is a book titled Rethink Money for Children and Teens and an on-line fun animated programme called FUNancial Freedom. The on-line programme costs $149 for 6 months and $249 for 12 months. There is some free training available for adults before you buy.

Whilst all the costing is in US Dollars, this is because the programme has a world wide market. The programme is actually UK based and one of the creators is a qualified financial advisor.

More details comingsoon.

Enjoy and here’s to the financial security for your children/teens