Fast ForWord® has proven benefits for children who are gifted and talented.

There are several reasons high performing students might want to improve their foundational skills including the theory that improved foundational skills, even in a high performing student, might further improve achievement.

This is an extract from some research:

High performing students and those classified as “gifted and talented” who used the Fast ForWord® products made significant improvements in cognitive skills, reading skills, and academic achievement. These findings demonstrate that an optimal learning environment coupled with a focus on cognitive skills can help students who are “gifted and talented” or high achieving increase their skills and increase the benefit they receive from their school’s curriculum.

Strong cognitive skills are critical for all students, affecting the ability of the curriculum to reach the students. By improving students’ memory and attention as well as their ability to sequence sounds, words, or sentences, stronger cognitive skills better position students to students to take advantage of the opportunities offered to them. Language and reading skills are also critical for all students, impacting their ability to benefit from instruction, follow directions and participate in class discussions. Strong linguistic skills also provide a critical foundation for building reading and writing skills. After Fast ForWord® use, students in this study made significant gains in their reading ability and academic achievement. This suggests that using the Fast ForWord® products strengthened the students’ foundational skills and better positioned them to continue to benefit from the classroom curriculum.

Scientific Learning Corporation. (2007)
Improved Reading Skills and Academic Achievement by Gifted and
Talented Students who used Fast ForWord® Products, MAPS for
Learning: Educator Reports, 11(11): 1-4.

Another study:

North Carolina
Students classified as “gifted” used the Fast ForWord® Language and Fast ForWord® Language to Reading products. After using the products, on average, the students showed significant gains in their decoding skills.

Improved Decoding Skills

Improved Decoding Skills


Student performance was measured using tests from the Woodcock-Diagnostic Reading Battery (WDRB) both before and after Fast ForWord® participation.


The WDRB is a standardized, nationally-normed test that includes several decoding subtests. Student performance on this test can be reported in Standard Scores, using a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15 (in this metric, scores from 85 to 115 are within the normal range).


The implementation process began with educators receiving preliminary training in a number of areas, including:

methods for assessing candidates for participation;
selection of appropriate standardized language measures for testing and evaluation;
effective implementation techniques; proper administration of the products and effective methods for monitoring student progress. Source Data provided by school where assessment took place;
school personnel were responsible for administering all tests and collecting all scores.
For more information about this research study, please download  the PDF format full-length report.