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Fast ForWord® Reading Level 2 software consolidates early reading skills, with a focus on applying phonics and decoding strategies, improving word recognition, and understanding the rules for reading comprehension.

This product helps the student develop phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding, sight word recognition, vocabulary development, vocabulary development, sentence and paragraph comprehension.

It also simultaneously helps the student improve cognitive skills required to read: memory, attention, processing and sequencing.

To accelerate reading progress, Fast ForWord® Reading Level 2 exercises critical brain processing efficiency in four key areas:

  • Builds memory by having students hold an incomplete sentence in working memory while recalling vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation rules from long-term memory.
  • Improves attention by sustaining interest across multiple passage segments and questions.
  • Develops processing by coordinating the auditory and visual processing of two perceptual streams, speech and written text.
  • Develops sequencing by using word order and grammar to identify subtle difference in meaning among phrases, sentences and passages.