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Fast ForWord® Reading Level 1 exercises build critical early reading skills, with an emphasis on phonemic awareness, early decoding skills, vocabulary knowledge and skills, and motivation for reading.

This product focuses on the five components of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, reading fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension

To accelerate reading progress, Fast ForWord® Reading Level 1 software develops brain processing efficiency in four key areas:

  • Builds memory by developing the ability to hold a spoken word, sentence or passage in working memory while recalling letter-sound associations, vocabulary, punctuation rules or semantic information from long-term memory.
  • Improves attention by requiring focused attention to listen while reading along and sustained attention across multiple passage segments and questions.
  • Develops processing of images and sounds quickly enough to discriminate between their differences.
  • Develops sequencing by using positional clues to identify missing letters, to reorder the letters of a ‘scrambled’ word or by tracking the temporal and causal event sequences in passages to answer comprehension questions.

What are the Fast ForWord® Reading Level 1 exercises like?

The Fast ForWord® to Reading Level 1 product consists of six exercises. These exercises focus on the following skills:

  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Sound-Letter Associations
  • Phonics
  • Vocabulary
  • Sentence Comprehension
  • Paragraph Comprehension