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Reading is a demanding activity, calling for many specific events to take place simultaneously in the brain.
Fast ForWord® READING series is an intervention solution that increases processing efficiency and builds critical reading skills.  While there is nothing that can replace the benefits of a good classroom environment and a good teacher, scientific research has proven that if a student’s brain is ready to learn, the student will learn.  Fast ForWord® READING applies the discoveries of neuroscience to accelerate these important reading skills:

* Phonemic Awareness

* Phonological Awareness

* Phonics

* Decoding

* Spelling

* Fluency

* Vocabulary

* Syntax

* Grammar

* Morphological Properties

* Structure of Written Language

* Sentence Comprehensiom

* Complex Sentence Construction

* Passage Comprehension

* Passage Construction and Organisation


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Reading Readiness





Reading 1





Reading 2





Reading 3