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Fast ForWord® Foundations II builds on the cognitive and language skills addressed in Fast ForWord® Foundations I. It continues to improve key cognitive skills  through exercises focused on sound-letter comprehension, phonological awareness, beginning word recognition and English language conventions.

Fast ForWord® Foundations II is part of the family of products suitable for primary school children and includes fun, engaging characters ready to motivate students to achieve their personal best.

In addition, new built-in supportive tools help struggling students achieve success more quickly. As they build confidence, they will experience faster progress and even better results.

The Fast ForWord Foundations II program consists of five exercises: one sound exercise and four word exercises. The exercises work together to help develop the understanding of basic speech sounds as well as the fundamental cognitive skills essential for learning and reading.

Sound exercises

The sound exercise presents tonal sweeps using different frequencies, different sequences of multiple sounds, and different time durations.

Foundations II – Jumper Gym

Word exercises

The four word exercises present words, either in isolation or within sentences, with various levels of linguistic complexity. In some instances, the speech sounds have been digitally altered using patented methods (including selective intensity increases) to provide enhanced learning opportunities. The student also works on graphemes, the letters that represent phonemes, and on visual tracking to strengthen left-to-right reading patterns.

Foundations II – Paint Match

Foundations II – Polar Planet

Foundations II – Tomb Trek

Foundations II – Cosmic Reader

What to Expect from Fast ForWord® Foundations II

 * Improved Reading Rates

* Better Understanding & Use of Language

* Improved Concentration

* More Engaged Students



Students are prepared to listen, think, learn to read or become better readers. Students are prepared to benefit from good instruction and curriculum, and improve their achievement levels.

To accelerate reading progress, Fast ForWord® Foundations II develops critical brain processing efficiency in four key areas:

  • Builds memory through exercises that task both working and long-term memory.
  • Improves attention by developing the ability to focus on tasks and ignore distractions.
  • Develops auditory, visual, and linguistic processing of orally presented words, sentences, and stories for meaning and comprehension.
  • Develops sequencing skills through exercises that require the use of word order to comprehend complex   statements, follow multi-step instructions, and form appropriate responses to a specified sequence of actions.

Fast ForWord® Foundations II software adapts to individual skill levels and responses, adjusting the learner’s content exposure and targeting correct responses approximately 80% of the time, which maintains challenge and motivates success… to get results in as little as 6-12 weeks!

Skills developed include:

* Word Analysis

* English Language Conventions

* Organisation & Focus

* Listening Comprehension



The following scope and sequence explains the tasks involved, the language and reading skills targeted and the cognitive skills developed.
Download Scope and Sequence pdf  Foundations II Scope & Sequence