Keeping up-todate with current research on APD

On Saturday, I attended the British Society of Audiology Information day for families and professionals on Auditory Processing Disorder at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London. It was an excellent day full of up-todate information about APD, testing, diagnosis and interventions.

Both Fast ForWord and The Listening Program were mentioned as possible interventions that may help.

Three of the most important points from the day were:

A)   Ensure that you know what the difficulties are – auditory processing difficulties are complex and it is important to match the intervention to the difficulties as some interventions address only one aspect.

B)   Current research is looking at early intervention. APD can only be diagnosed from 7 years and upwards, but, children are experiencing difficulties years before this. Early intervention may help to ameliorate later problems.

C) Children naturally have problems listening because they are not mature. The auditory system continues to develop until the early teens.

Glue ear in particular was mentioned as a indicator of future auditory processing problems. This often happens at a critical time of brain development.