Student Equipment

To get the best results, your child should use an external mouse, not the touch pad on a laptop, and have headphones which fully cover their ears. If using an iPad then the exercises are accessed via the touch screen.


If using a laptop then it is essential to use an external mouse rather than the touch pad.


Why are these important? Clarity in auditory processing is essential. Students need to wear headphones when doing the programme. High quality Stereo Headphones with a padded headband and ear cups should cover the student’s ear fully. NB Do not use noise cancelling headphones OR wireless headphones. You should connect the headphones directly to the computer. Also, do not connect the headphones to the monitor; the sound may be degraded.

We recommend Sennheiser HD515 or HD215 or for general use HD201/HD202

‘‘Y’ Adaptor Plug

A stereo headphone Y’ adaptor/plug should be used to enable two headphones to be connected to the one port. This allows coaches/parents to listen without interrupting the child’s program.