The Bercow Review 10 Years on is launched today!

The Bercow Review 10 years on is launched today! An independent review of services for children with SLCN(Speech, Language and Communication Needs) with recommendations for government and system leaders on what needs to change.    

How Slow Processing Creates Anxiety

This is a good article about the effects of slow processing on a child and how it creates anxiety Processing speed can be improved and the brain training exercises in Fast ForWord are excellent for speeding up the brain’s processing power. Training on Fast ForWord for a child with slow processing speed can be life ...

Does your child find it difficult to pay attention?

Many parents who contact me report that their child has difficulty in paying attention and that they would like help to improve this so that their child can better access the curriculum. Here is a great video from BrainFit Scholar who are based in Singapore and who are partners with Scientific Learning providing Fast ForWord ...

Supporting Young Children’s Auditory Processing Development

Research in auditory processing difficulties in the UK is now looking at putting in support to young children as soon as possible. It is hoped that by doing this any future problems will be ameliorated. Just one episode of glue ear/ear infection is enough to cause future auditory processing difficulties, so these activities are particularly ...

Keeping up-todate with current research on APD

On Saturday, I attended the British Society of Audiology Information day for families and professionals on Auditory Processing Disorder at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London. It was an excellent day full of up-todate information about APD, testing, diagnosis and interventions. Both Fast ForWord and The Listening Program were mentioned as possible interventions ...

Part 5: TAVS Assessment Series- Temporal Processing, Duration and Pitch Pattern

Here is the latest article in the TAVS Assessment Series: part-5-tavs-assessment-series-temporal-processing-duration-and-pitch-pattern

TAVS – The Test of Auditory and Visual Skills

TAVS is a unique tool for screening many subtle areas of auditory and visual processing. These areas are vital for listening, reading, attention and memory skills. Mary trained as a TAVS certified provider in 2013 and she has been able to use the assessment tool when assessing children and adults both prior and after using The ...

New Research on Dyslexia

Hot off the press: new research on the genetics of dyslexia! Another reminder that dyslexia has an auditory component: “Dyslexia is a polygenic developmental reading disorder characterized by an auditory/phonological deficit.” Click here

How Exercise Could Lead to a Better Brain

Great article that talks about how exercise can lead to improved brain fitness.

Listen up: Abnormality in auditory processing underlies dyslexia

People with dyslexia often struggle with the ability to accurately decode and identify what they read. Although disrupted processing of speech sounds has been implicated in the underlying pathology of dyslexia, the basis of this disruption and how it interferes with reading comprehension has not been fully explained. Now, new research published by Cell Press ...